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12 March 2013, Hi, The plantation site is having a few troubles with the menus, it is currently being looked into. Thanks Jason 

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The Jaques Coffee Plantation is situated on the Cairns Highlands (Atherton Tablelands), with a beautiful backdrop looking over the surrounding peaks of the Great Dividing Range. Along side the spring waters of Emerald Creek the plantation is furnished with 25,000 young and fully producing Arabica Coffee trees on rich soils, boasting a smooth and vibrant flavour unique only to our remarkable location. With the ever growing enthusiasm for coffee around the world, the Jaques Family decided to open up their private plantation to the world. Giving travellers, locals, coffee lovers and professionals an enchanting insight into the finer details of coffee from the tree to the cup.
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A complete and exclusive guided tour runs regularly through the plantation workings, beginning in a purpose built 25 reclining seat movie theatre.  The movie goers get to sit back and relax while they enjoy a comprehensive presentation explaining the fascinating history and hardships of the family, the coffee trees and their cycles, a detailed look into the World's First Mechanical Coffee Harvester, the processing of the coffee and an insight into roasting, all the steps to the best cup of coffee you’ll ever drink.

Jaques Coffee Plantation
 Nat and Linda Jaques

The tour which is affectionately called “The Safari” continues around to “Coffee Shuttle One” the first harvester, which while built in the 80’s is still in use today and still one of the most efficient in the world, getting a first hand view of the engineering marvel.  The next part of the tour carries through to the trees, where depending on the time of year and what stage the trees are at, sampling the coffee cherries in their fruit form or marvelling at the “snow capped” trees with their stunning white flowers filling the air with the beautiful scent of jasmine. After experiencing the trees and what they have to offer, the next stage is to enter into “The Bean Machine” a safari wagon embarking on a trip with commentary available in multiple languages encompassing the field of trees, stopping at the dry processing plant and the wet processing plant returning past our Microlight hanger, back to the Café where the customers enjoy a cup of our delicious coffee along with a taste of our exclusive coffee liqueur all inclusive in the unbeatable price.